Ramadhan Turkish Iftar

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Mohammad Ali Loves Our Chicken Kebab Burger

A cheerful young man visited us a few days back. Big thumbs up for our Chicken Kebab Burger.
You HAVE to try this dish.

Alaturka Testimony Authentic Turkish Bread Chicken Kebab Burger

Uploaded by Alaturka Turka Turkish Cuisine on 2017-05-07.


Alaturka Testimony Unbelievably Tasty Pilav

Uploaded by Alaturka Turka Turkish Cuisine on 2017-05-07.

Unbelievably Tasty Turkish Food

Accidently walked into Alaturka Turkish Cuisine Restaurant and Wow! Where they pleasantly surprised by our authentic Turkish Food 🙂 So happy to make their day.


2 thoughts on “Ramadhan Turkish Iftar

  1. July 20, 2017

    During Ramazan, most cooks return to their roots and go for traditional Turkish favorites as well as preparing the standard fare that s expected to be part of every iftar table.

    • Admin
      July 20, 2017

      Yes, a very good point. Thank you. Next year Ramazan insyaAllah come and visit us.

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