1. Lamb Shish with Pilav Rice

“Shish” brings the meaning “sword” or “skewer” and with Lamb Shish as a meal for your iftar, you can’t go wrong. Cubes of juicy and tender lamb are marinated in a potent tomato and turkish spice mix. They are then cooked to perfection over a hot bed of coal. This popular dish can be served alongside wholesome Pilav Rice with a light salad on the side, you will feel fully satisfied with this dish delicious taste.


2. Pide

Layers of spinach, cheese and your choice of chicken or lamb lovingly enveloped in traditional Turkish bread is what makes Pide a winner in most Turkish Restaurants. Once ensembled, the Pide is pinched together at the hands of a master pide maker. An uncommon thing these days. Most shops sell them open, but not here at the Alaturka Turkish Cuisine restaurant. Here it’s made in the traditional way with the Pide pinched closed. And you can be sure that the flavours here are ultimately delicious.

3. Kavurma

Kavurma is diced lamb sauteed with capsicum, herbs and homemade sauce with yoghurt on the side. Usually eaten with Ekmek - a type of turkish bread traditionally baked in a firewood oven. A favourite dish in the month of Ramadhan.

4. Izmir Kofte

Hailing from the town of Izmir, Turkey, the Izmir Kofte is a dish of minced lamb meatball with ingredients and spices specifically used in that region. An iftar favourite for meat lovers.

5. Baklava

Layers of filo pastry with the best pistachios and nuts to compliment is the ultimate way to end your Turkish Ramadan Iftar. Not unbearably sweet as some baklava seems to taste like, the best baklava uses honey to bind the filo and nuts together. Best served with a piping hot cup of Turkish coffee.

Restaurant Alaturka Turkish Cuisine situated in Shah Alam, Malaysia says a woodfire oven brings out the best of Turkish Cuisine. The restaurant's menu made with their in-house woodfire oven is sure to delight you this Ramadan.

The idea of opening a restaurant serving Turkish food was mooted in 2016. Why Turkish food? Because there are not many restaurants serving this healthy, tasty mediterranean cuisine. A Turkish chef from Australia was employed to assist in setting up the restaurant. He spent 3 months in doing so including teaching the staff to cook the various Turkish food.

Since opening of ALATURKA, we had many patrons, both local and foreigners who have given us good reviews, especially the locals who tasted the food for the first time. For those not in the know, we use firewood oven for all our bread-based food, and the dough is made fresh everyday.

We like to thank our patrons for supporting us thus far.

The ALATURKA team.

Have a bite!

Only the best at Alaturka Turkish Cuisine, Shah Alam.

Don't know where to start? Learn more about our semi-buffet exclusively available for the month of Ramadan.


Testimony: Amazing Pide & Pilav RiceTESTIMONY OF THE DAY
Alhamdulillah our Pide and Pilav Rice is an instant hit!
Thank you for visiting our restaurant.

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Posted by Alaturka Turkish Cuisine Restaurant on Saturday, 29 April 2017

Testimony: Authentic Turkish Bread Chicken Kebab BurgerMOHAMMAD ALI LOVES OUR CHICKEN KEBAB BURGER
A cheerful young man visited us a few days back. Big thumbs up for our Chicken Kebab Burger.
You HAVE to try this dish.

#ramadan is coming

Posted by Alaturka Turkish Cuisine Restaurant on Saturday, 29 April 2017